Let the Light In

Fact: warm days at Christopher Newport are better than cold days.

If you want to get a glimpse of campus in action, for sure come visit on a warmer day (if you can make it). Not only does the sunshine make it tolerable to hang out on the Great Lawn or in the Trible Plaza, but you’ll also get the opportunity to observe much of the student body in their natural, college-y habitat!

Yesterday, spring weather made an appearance once again, and the transformation that fell over campus was actually astounding. For one thing, everyone’s mood seemed brightened; students were smiling and greeting each other as they passed. Some classes were moved outside, and everywhere you looked friends were gathered in little groups sharing a lunch or dinner meal together.

Our campus is gloriously beautiful in the snow, and I love when the leaves change color in the fall … but my favorite type of Christopher Newport is a sunshine-y, warm one. Here’s to many more spring days spent outside avoiding homework!!

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