Spring Break 2k16

Sing along if you please…

Hello. It’s me.

I was wondering if after all these weeks you’d like to meet

To go over everything

They say that time’s supposed to teach you all

But I ain’t done much learning


Hello, can you hear me

I’m on an island in the Caribbean floating by the beach

We’re so tan and stress free

I’ve forgotten how it felt before midterms disturbed my sleep


There’s such a distance between us

And I’m a million cares away.


Hello from the cruise ship side

I must have repacked a thousand times

To make sure I have everything that I need

But when I board I’m missing all of my shoes


Hello from the pool side

At least I can say that I tried

To make sure I passed all of my midterms

But it don’t matter because the grades are undeniable


Hello, how are you?

It’s so wonderful to see you so relaxed and carefree

I hope that you’ve slept all week

Did you see they have a new season on Netflix for this week


It’s no secret that all of us

Are running out of time


So hello from my puppy’s side

I must have cuddled a thousand hours

Don’t judge that it’s everything I’ve done

Because I know your Instagram shows you’re at home

Hello from the mountain side

At least I skied a bunch of times

I know that it’s going to end

But right now it so perfect I don’t want to think of school


Hello from the airplane side

It must be time to quit our paradise

To return to our desk in library

But I’ll always have memories from our time

Hello from the classroom door

At least I can’t fight it anymore

So begin the rest of the semester

Let’s make sure we kick butt for weeks to come.

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