How’s It Feel To Sign For Your Major?

Signing Day is a special day at Christopher Newport. It’s the day sophomores officially declare their majors and head down the path to their bachelor’s degrees.This past Tuesday was Signing Day for me, and I felt a rush of emotions afterwards. Here’s how it feels to sign for your major.

“Will I ever make money now?

That’s a thought I had while declaring my major as English. There’s a very negative idea that English majors will most likely become teachers and never make a lot of money. That’s what I was thinking about as I wrote my name in the English majors signing book.

A lot of people feel that way when they sign. You never know what your future will hold, and signing makes your options more limited. I could’ve been a biologist, but I probably won’t be now. But then I started to feel another way…

I felt supported when the professors at the English table welcomed me to their department.

Christopher Newport is lucky to have such a large pool of quality professors teaching. Even if my future is still unclear, I can always look forward to the possibility of being in the position of my professors one day. They also have a lot of knowledge in our field, as do all the professors with their respective concentrations. They’re here for us to use as a resource, and having them as your supporters makes it a lot easier to get to graduation.

I also felt complete.

Not everyone decides their major at the same time. For me, I was set on pursuing a degree in English. For others, they decide on Signing Day, or even after they’ve signed. But when a student finally picks their path, they get a feeling of purpose. The future is a little more clear, and a sense of community can be formed with you and your classmates who share your major.

It’s scary declaring a major, but the way it’s done at Christopher Newport really makes you feel like you’ve been given the tools to succeed and are supported every step of the way.


Signing Day at Christopher Newport University!

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