Familiar with “Pitch Perfect”?

Deke Sharon (one of the producers of “Pitch Perfect”) was here this past weekend, as he taught a masterclass to all six of Christopher Newport’s a cappella groups (Trebled Youth, University Sounds, Extreme Measures, Take Note, The Newport Pearls and Expansion).

Deke also worked on the shows “Pitch Slapped” and “The Sing-Off,” and is known in the a cappella community as the “Father of Contemporary A Cappella.” In his class he gave each group 40 minutes of working time with him, while the other groups took notes on what he was teaching them.

The class also determined who would open for “Vocalosity,” an a cappella show currently touring the U.S., and the pride and joy of Deke Sharon himself. The show will be coming to the Ferguson Center for the Arts on Monday, February 22, and Deke had to choose who would open for Vocalosity. Despite the class also being a competition, all groups involved learned so much about the a cappella music style, and Deke agreed that all of our University’sĀ groups are phenomenal.

Want to see who Deke chose to open for Vocalosity? Click here to watch the announcement video!

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