Winter Necessities

Before you start singing “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman” and enjoying the possibility of snow days that each new spring semester brings, there are a few essentials to stock up on:

  1. A decently warm hat and gloves (or mittens). Trust me, winter is a very un-fun time if your fingers have to be out in the elements for that chilly walk to your 9 a.m. class. Invest in some winter clothing, if you haven’t already, so you can conquer the freezing temperatures!
  2. Hot chocolate and a mug. So, you’re back in your room after a long day packed with classes, meetings and frosty air. Relaxing with some hot chocolate is a sure way to bring your stress level down a little bit – and it warms you up, too! Whether you’re using your microwave in York River West or a real-life kettle on your stove in Wilson, hot chocolate is a welcome addition to any winter routine.
  3. Board games and movies. When the inevitable snow day(s) hit, and you’ve had your fill of snowball fights and snowman attempts, it’s great to have some fun indoor activities lying around. That way, you can invite all your friends back to your room to warm up with a game of Catan or the newest movie in that dystopian teen series you secretly love.

Winter in Newport News can get downright chilly, but if you make the most of it and gather up some of the necessities, it can turn into one of your favorite times at Christopher Newport.

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