The 3 Things We’ll Try Not To Do This Semester

Every semester we tell ourselves we’re not going to do these things, and yet we always do. Here’s a list of the things that seem to repeat themselves every time we head back to Christopher Newport.

1) We skip class, much more than we intended to.

We start out our year pretty strong. No skipping, getting to class early, doing homework ASAP. We’re all model students those first few weeks. And then one morning, we just don’t feel like getting up, and we skip. Then a few days later we skip our other class because we’re swamped with work. Now we’re at the end of the year, and our grade is not as high as it could’ve been and our understanding of the material needs improvement. Maybe this year we can skip a little less?

2) We don’t go to events on campus as much as we should.

Sometimes homework holds us hostage from socializing. Don’t feel bad, it happens to all of us. Other times though, we don’t want to go to events or concerts purely because we’re lazy. Then the end of the year comes and everyone is talking about all the cool stuff they did and saw (like when Tyler Oakley came to campus, or when the Campus Activity Board hosted Build-A-Buddy), and we sit there and remember all the Netflix you watched instead. Netflix will be there even when we’re legit adults. Campus activities … not so much.

3) We get behind on our assignments.

It’s the first day of class, and our professor told us we have a 10-page paper due in a month. You’ve already shuffled it to the back of your brain, and sure enough you only remember it when the class period before your professor says “All right everyone, that paper I mentioned at the beginning of the year is due on Wednesday.” We proceed to get minimal sleep and maximum caffeine. This year, let’s do our bodies a favor and stay on top of things a little more.

What we will do: make the most of our college experience, which involves a little bit of cramming and all-nighters. We’ll do what we can to have the greatest semester we can, and stay positive while doing it. Being a student isn’t easy, but being a Captain means we’re going to do our best.

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