Snow Days

Snow days bring out many different emotions for the students here at Christopher Newport. For some students, their inner 7-year-old comes out as they rush to play in the snow. They build snowmen and have campus-wide snowball fights in the middle of the Great Lawn at midnight. For others, they become sloths and lay around and sleep all day. Some use the time to catch up on all the work they procrastinated on so much. Either way, one emotion I think all CNU students share is the emotion of joy. Joy that classes are canceled. Joy that we get to enjoy this weather in whatever way we choose.

Last Friday we experienced our first partial snow day. All classes after 1 p.m. were canceled. When that email and text alert went out, I heard screaming and screeching all over my residence hall. It seemed as if the entire CNU population, including myself, took to Twitter to celebrate their first snow day and begin scheduling snowball fights. Once the celebrating died down, it was time to make some executive decisions. All I kept thinking was, “What if we get snowed in? What if the dining halls close?” It was already cold enough for me and I did not want to have to continue leaving my warm residence hall, so my sorority sisters and some of our fraternity friends went on a grocery shopping trip to stock up on all the last-minute stuff we needed. We drove over to the grocery store and there we found more of our fellow Captains. It seemed as if all of the CNU community decided to take their grocery trips at the same time.

When we returned, we watched movies and the snow falling outside our windows. We used our snow day to relax. I guess you could kind of refer to us as ‘sloths’ for the day. However, the next day we woke up early and immediately got into our books to study and read.


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