Eat Up!

Food: everyone’s got to eat it. Here at Christopher Newport, there are thankfully several options to consider when the hunger pains strike.

I think the dining halls are pretty common knowledge, so I won’t spend too much time talking about them – they’re not my favorite places to eat, but they are convenient! Commons and Regatta’s serve all types of food daily, from wraps and burgers to Mongolian barbecue and lasagna. The theme meals that happen once a month are also a spectacular food experience complete with chocolate fountains and meat-carving stations.

But, the lesser known eateries on campus are where the majority of my Dining Dollars are now spent. I’m talking about Discovery Pizza and Discovery Bistro, both located right inside the DSU on the first floor. Discovery Pizza serves (as one would imagine) pizza. However, it’s not your average, dining hall pizza – this is freshly made, specialty pizza. Chicken bacon ranch? Yes. Meat lovers? Of course. Veggie (with real, actual veggies)? You betcha. Stop by and enjoy a slice or two next time you’re wondering what to do for lunch!

Discovery Bistro is just a few steps from Discovery Pizza, and it’s home to a specialty sandwich and wrap station. The thing I love most about the Bistro is getting to customize the bread I want in my meal – which, for me, means always getting naan. And, the Bistro also serves sushi. What’s better than that?

Expand your horizons. Try something new. Check out a new-to-you food place at Christopher Newport and tell them LK sent you.

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