Why We Love Freshmen

The holidays would not be the same without some decorations, and freshmen are notorious for having the best door decor! We love our fresh Captains, and all the spirit they bring during the winter season. Check out some of the cool door decorations they’ve done this season!


This room is hoping Santa will leave them some presents in their stockings over winter break.


Sometimes your hall theme conflicts with your decorations, but this room still has Christmas spirit up for all to see!


These students are showing the winter season a little love on their door this year.


Not only did they go all out with the wrapping paper, but they’ve got actual twinkly lights up!


This room out-decorated everyone this year! They’ve even got a friendly reindeer sitting in the hallway.

Freshmen may get a bad rep sometimes, but they have a knack for getting Christopher Newport¬†into the holiday spirit. That’s why we love them.

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