The Navigator App: Best Invention Ever

One amazing thing about Christopher Newport is the fact that it has its own app! The main menu has 15 different sections under it, covering everything a student would ever need, including: athletics, dining, the academic calendar, campus events, and more!

I use this app multiple times every single day, mostly for dining. The dining section shows the daily menu for each of the dining halls and other spots around campus to eat, like Discovery Grill or Einstein’s. It is literally the most helpful section to me. When deciding where I want to eat throughout the day, I always refer to it.

The one I use most after dining is probably the TV section that list the TV channels and stations for the cable here.

My third most used section is athletics. It has the schedules for each athletic team on campus. With me being such a huge sports fan and having so much school spirit, this section is very helpful. Along with the schedule, it shows live stats and even streams live video. If you can’t make it to an away game, no worries, because you can watch straight from the app!


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