The End is Near

You can feel it as you walk on campus – a kind of desperation hangs in the air as we run from class to class, juggling coffee cups and final papers. Our semester will be done in just two short weeks, but it feels like an eternity away due to all the work that still needs to be done!

Even though we’re smack-dab in the middle of a pretty stressful time, there’s still room for typical college fun and the festivities of the season. Some students show up to class wearing ugly Christmas sweaters, and the dining halls have been transformed into winter wonderlands full of Santas, snowflakes and trees. It’s fun to eat your Mongolian grill next to a toy reindeer that looks a lot like Rudolph. Beautiful Christmas trees are set up in many of the building on campus, and they each have a theme! The tree in McMurran Hall, which houses many of the humanities majors, is covered in little books and black and white pages. The Forbes Hall tree is usually covered in bird ornaments, which matches the biology/science-y nature of the building.

Though the lines at Einstein’s might be longer as students stockpile their coffee for long nights in the library and though the colder weather makes walking to class less appealing, the excitement for the end of another semester builds every day. We’ll be there soon, Captains! Let’s crush finals!

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