Glow Hard Or Go Home


Christopher Newport’s a cappella groups were back and better than ever this semester for the sixth annual Glow in the Darcappella!

Our six phenomenal a cappella groups took the stage in the Ferguson Center for the Arts’ Concert Hall over Homecoming Weekend. This wasn’t just any concert though, it’s done completely under BLACK LIGHTS! All over campus, students were rushing to get their tickets before the event sold out (which it did). People were even posting selfies of themselves on Instagram in “Glow Attire” to have a chance at winning two front-row tickets to the show.


Trebled Youth performing a rendition of “Hallelujah” by Panic! At The Disco.



The guys of the all-male group, Expansion, telling us that we “earned it.”


The event featured three songs from each group (The Newport Pearls, Trebled Youth, University Sounds, Expansion, Extreme Measures and Take Note), and a killer beat-box battle between three of the groups – not to mention there was a pre-show featuring Hypnotic Control, our choreographed hip-hop dance group. It was unforgettable, and you can watch the aca-mazing performance online!


All of the a cappella groups come together for one final round of applause.


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