Cool Minors You May Not Have Heard Of

Deciding your major isn’t always an easy task. With so many options available at Christopher Newport, how do you cram in all the things you want to learn while still graduating on time? Perhaps a minor is the best thing for you – but do you know what minors are available to you?

CNU happens to offer some pretty interesting minors, and here are a few you may not know a lot about:

Digital Humanities

Directors: Dr. Trevor Hoag & Dr. Anton Siochi

Credits: 18

Interested in a mix of digital art, writing and media? You’ve found the perfect minor. Digital humanities teaches students all they need to know of a career involving the digital world (which is almost every job nowadays). You get a taste of lots of different, yet similar fields all in one minor! This minor especially can be appealing for English majors who will be concentrating on writing digitally, communication majors or majors in the arts who would like to learn more about working digitally.  Click here for more info…

International Business & Culture

Director: Dr. Jana Adamitis

Credits: 18

For business majors who would like to learn more about taking their skills abroad (or working with other countries), this is the minor for you. This field explores how business works across cultures, enriching students with the ability to work with a broad array of clients and companies for their future endeavors. For people interested in a career that involves global communication, you should definitely check this minor out. Click here for more info…

Civil Engagement & Social Entrepreneurship

Directors: Dr. Roberta Rosenberg & Dr. Stephanie Bardwell

Credits: 18

Want to learn how to solve problems, and be a more active citizen? Looks like you’ve come to the right minor. This minor focuses on broadening yourself to a more global perspective, and teaches both awareness and good communication skills in how to better get involved and make a difference in society. Some focuses in this minor are environmental conservation, equal access to education and social/political justice. This minor includes classes in economics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, social work, and more! Click here for more info…

Film Studies

Director: Dr. John Nichols

Credits: 15

For the movie buffs out there, get excited for this awesome minor! Film studies explores how, when and why films are created and distributed in society. As a minor you’ll explore the work put into writing films, what genres are involved in the study and the impact that movies have had on our society. This course is heavy on English and history classes, so if those interest you then you should also think about taking up this minor. Not to mention, the credit requirements are smaller than other minors. This means that if you’ve been looking for a minor but weren’t sure if you could fit it into your schedule, you may want to consider this one. Click here for more info…

Human Rights & Conflict Resolution

Director: Dr. Tina Kempin Reuter

Credits: 18

Students with a particular fondness for social work and government may want to read about this interesting minor. Human rights and conflict resolution focuses on international and local justice, and how to achieve it through positive conflict solving skills. The minor allows students to discuss and explore the nature of violence, basic human rights worldwide and the differences in policies nations may possess. Click here for more info…

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