5 Perks of a Small Campus

To me, one of the best features of Christopher Newport is its size.

  1. You do not have to walk a thousand miles to get around the campus. I live in Warwick River Hall, a residence hall for second-year students, and the longest I have to walk to get across campus is exactly seven minutes.
  2. The campus is big enough to see different people every day (if you wanted to). If I do not go out of my way to hang out with friends from my Tuesday and Thursday classes, I usually will not see them around campus.
  3. The small campus allows for everyone to basically know (or know of) each other. CNU is one big family.
  4. With a small campus comes small classes. These small classes allow for a more intimate setting where students and teachers get to know each other, and students can get personalized help if necessary. Four out of the five classes that I am taking this semester have 25 or fewer students.
  5. Last but not least, something that I find extremely interesting is that Christopher Newport offers special topic courses. The topics for each of the special topic courses vary based on the special interests and needs of the students and the expertise of the faculty for that subject. I have not taken one of the special topic courses yet, but I plan on taking one next year!

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