4 Ideas for Those Sick of Being Sick

When the CNU plague hits and you find yourself infected with the sniffles, coughs and more, try these tips to get your body back to 100 percent:

  1. Come to class prepared. Whether you have to bring your own box of tissues or a backpack full of cough drops, don’t leave the essentials behind. Trust me, I’ve been that girl in class who sneezes and has to excuse herself with both hands covering her nose – it’s not pretty. If you’re sicker than just the average cold, let your professor know! They’ll usually excuse your absence and work with you to get caught up on assignments.
  2. Stay hydrated and sleep more. Bring a water bottle to campus and aim to finish it (maybe even twice!) and schedule your nights so you’re in bed earlier than usual. Resting really does help your body heal; plus, being sick gives you an excuse to nap more! At least that’s how I justify it.
  3. Grab your favorite soup from Panera. Living in the CNU Village apartments means the bread-y restaurant is right downstairs, but it’s not a long walk from main campus, either. Treat yourself to some broccoli cheddar soup!
  4. Let your friends know how you’re doing and how they can help. Seriously, you have roommates and hallmates for a reason – it’s OK to lean on them once in a while. Sophomore year, I drove my roommate to the hospital and waited with her when she came down with a case of pinkeye. After her diagnosis, we picked up her prescription from a Walgreen’s a little after 1 a.m. and spent the car ride back to campus cracking jokes and laughing about what life hands you. If you’re really not doing well, let someone know. Though it may sound cheesy, Captains support each other!

If you pass me on campus and catch me mid-sneeze, be sure to send a thumbs-up or smile my way (from a safe, germ-free distance, of course). We’ll get through this sick season eventually, and until we do, may the NyQuil ever be in your favor.

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