10 Ways to Turn Your Rainy Day Around

Grab your boots, guys and gals! ‘Tis the season! Welcome to Newport News, the land of unpredictable weather. As the months attempt to grow colder, the leaves begin to change color, and your motivation falters slightly, you can expect to see one sure thing: rain. But don’t let that deter you! Here at Christopher Newport we have many ways to take our rainy days and use them to the best of our abilities!

Here are 10 ways to turn your rainy day around:

  1. Actually do all the homework you have been postponing! Take the opportunity on a rainy day to park yourself in a library cubicle and crank out all that work you have been putting off! Pros: less stress, more freedom on sunny days, Einstein’s bagel sandwiches.
  2. Go puddle jumping! Who cares that you’re in college, five-year-olds have got it right on this one! Grab your rain boots and enjoy the endless possibilities of puddles across campus! Grab some friends and have a splash competition! Pros: laughter, smiles, childhood nostalgia
  3. Take the opportunity to visit the Mariners’ Museum and/or the Virginia Living Museum! We have two absolutely amazing museums right by campus, so why not take the afternoon and explore them! Pros: stay dry, learn cool things, fun date activity
  4. Binge watch Netflix! As college kids we are not going to lie and say that this isn’t a likely scenario! If you are comfortable with where you are in your school work give yourself a few hours to watch numerous episodes of the show you have been dying to see! Pros: pillows, blankets, general coziness
  5. Catch up on some sleep! Along with watching some Netflix maybe you need to catch a few Z’s! Rainy day naps are the best! The room is darker, the soft pitter patter will put you right to sleep, and you can enjoy curling up in a ball and forgetting the rest of the world exists! Pros: general health, increased functionality, cuddles with all the pillows
  6. Try out a new crock pot recipe! For those of you that don’t know, every college kid needs to invest in a crock pot at some point in their life! It cooks delicious things all by itself! Who doesn’t love some homemade chili on a cold rainy day? Pros: deliciousness, chef skills, impress your friends
  7. Pick up a new hobby! Done with school work? Nothing to do on a rainy day? Learn how to knit! Or learn how to be crafty! (I’m obviously not) You’ll have all your Christmas presents done in no time! Pros: pretty results, gifts for days, sense of accomplishment
  8. Clean your room! Find yourself staring at the wall wondering what to do? Take some time out of your rainy day to clean your room! This means everything! Laundry, bed sheets, vacuuming, shower, toilet, etc! Now you have a clean living area! Pros: now you can invite people over, no more worries, fresh lemon scent
  9. Discover a new work out! Rainy day? Hit the gym! Meet a new gym buddy! If you’re crazy like me, go running in the rain! It makes you feel intense! Pros: get swole, new gym friends, self-confidence
  10. Take the time to actually spend time with friends! After a long rainy day give yourself the chance to just chill with your friends! Order some pizza, watch a movie, solve the problems of the world and just chill! Often we get so busy with our schedules that we don’t give ourselves the chance to get to know our friends better. Use a rainy day to do just that! Pros: friendship, happiness, giggles


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