Not Just a Campus

Expanding our horizons past the traditional comforts of Christopher Newport University is important to making lasting memories during our time in college.

I’m a political science and communication double major and a digital humanities minor. One thing I personally enjoy doing here at CNU is volunteering with and working for political campaigns. Not only is this a great way to expose yourself to politics and boost your resume … it’s also a great way to get to know your community. I spent my freshman fall semester knocking on the doors of homes in the surrounding neighborhoods of Christopher Newport. This was great way to learn about what was in our immediate community – what roads led to what so I could avoid traffic jams on Warwick Boulevard, and what areas were the best to go jogging in. It was also a great way to catch a break from studying while really getting to know the area I was now living in.

Now as a junior I’m expanding my surroundings and working with a candidate in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area. We go to school in an area that is very unique. With beaches as close as FIVE minutes from campus, why not go out and explore! I want to be able to think back to my college days as days that, yes, I learned and expanded my knowledge. But I also want to have memories of going to that really good pizza place on Main that only cost a dollar a slice, or that one time I got an impromptu surf lesson over on Shore Drive from a local. I think going out into the community really opens up opportunities for making those memories.

Now you may be like, OK cool, but I’m not political, I don’t want to go door knock some stranger’s house. OK, OK, you don’t have to. There are plenty of other ways to get out into the community. Look into volunteering at places that cater to your interests. A great co-op was created last year where students take left-over food from the dining halls to shelters; this is an awesome way to get to know Newport News while also being a part of something bigger than yourself. Love animals? There are plenty of shelters in our area that are looking for volunteer help to keep up with shelter demands. Don’t have a car but love the arts? Look into working for the Ferguson Center or even taking a short walk over to the Peninsula Fine Arts Center. These are just a few ways to get out of the CNU bubble, or explore within it, too!

Get out and explore. Four years may seem like a long time, but from someone with only three more semesters—time flies. No one wants to think back on the glory of their college days and have nothing to remember. Take advantage of all the cool opportunities Christopher Newport brings to campus and make sure to make Newport News your home.

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