Not Another Number

I just wanted to take a moment to express how great I think Christopher Newport is.

(This is not some shameless plug or cheesy admission gimmick.

This is me.)

Christopher Newport University is a small liberal arts school, and let me tell you, THIS is why CNU is the PERFECT school to go to.

Here at CNU, not only are you surrounded by red bricks, shiny domes and sunlit columns, you are also surrounded by faculty and staff who care. I wish I had realized this sooner than my junior year, because I would have been exposed to so many more opportunities and experiences.

This fall, I met with our president (Ya, how many other schools would provide you with a one on one meeting?) to ask for his advice. From there, I had a string of meetings, including the dean of the Luter School of Business, a professor and that professor’s colleague.

At any other state school you would not receive the time or attention of professors to truly get to know you and then expand their resources to you so you can succeed.  Mind you, I’m a communication and political science double major, no business major here! But, even so, professors in that department were willing to sit down, talk with me and provide me with the tools I need to succeed.

CNU is a place of many splendid things, and our faculty and staff just happen to be one of them.

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