Geocaching Adventures

Do you ever end up with a free evening or afternoon and can’t think of anything to do around campus? Try geocaching! (It’s not as weird as it sounds)

My roommate and I had plans to see a movie this weekend, but when we got to the theater, we were told our showing was sold out. We headed back to the car, stumped on what to do on a rainy Saturday evening. Knowing we weren’t hungry or in the mood for a crafting-palooza, we shot ideas back and forth until we landed on an activity that we had only heard stories about.

“What about geocaching? It looks fun on the Internet.”

“You mean that thing where you look for little hidden boxes?”

And thus, our geocaching evening began. The activity has appeared in many different forms but exists today as a worldwide game where players search for containers given certain GPS coordinates. Once the cache is found, the players sign the logbook inside and return the cache to its hiding place. Apparently, the geocaching community is large, and the number of caches a reasonable distance from CNU is in the hundreds. We checked the geocaching website and picked one of the closest ones we could find, plugged the latitude and longitude coordinates into our GPS and headed off!

We arrived at our location (a mostly empty parking lot) and began poking around for any signs of a “cache.” As beginners, it took us a while to get the hang of what we were looking for – not to mention it didn’t help that Hurricane Joaquin was rolling in. After rummaging through some mulch and reevaluating our directions many times, we were successful!

So, if you’re looking for something new to do in Hampton Roads, I encourage you to try geocaching. What college student doesn’t love a good treasure hunt?

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