Einstein’s: Always a Good Decision

Einstein’s is one of the places to hang out on campus.

But, you might say, aren’t there many places like that on campus?

Well, yeah. Of course there are. But Einstein’s has become one of my favorite spots to meet up with friends over my years here, and I’ll tell you why:

  1. Abundance of food and drink. Most people head to Einstein’s for the coffee, but if you’re a college student unhindered by a coffee obsession, there are plenty of things on the menu to check out! My personal go-to drink: passion tea lemonade with a shot of peach. Also, the bagel sandwiches and pizzas are the perfect break when you’re holed up studying in the library!
  2. Tables AND comfy chairs. Group projects, with computers and notebooks, almost require a table – Einstein’s has them. Catching up with that friend from last semester? Snag some of the leather chairs and you’re set to sit.
  3. Location, location, location. Often, your friends/group project members/random other people you need to meet live in a few different residence halls (or even off campus). Einstein’s provides a central place for everyone to gather, plus, it’s close to parking lots and the Trible Plaza.

You may not get that much work done in Einstein’s (sometimes it gets a little noisy), but you’ll enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and constant scent of coffee beans. What could be better?

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