After talking with my friends from back home who go to different schools all over the place, I realize how special of a school Christopher Newport is. While they all spend time complaining about things on campus, I get to brag about how everyone here speaks to each other, holds doors and acts as a family. I get to brag about how clean and nice our buildings are, how fancy and updated our residence halls are, and how great our food is.

Dining at CNU is very unique compared to other schools. You do not feel like you are eating in your high school’s cafeteria, but instead you’re eating at a nice restaurant. The food is high quality and tastes like a home-cooked meal every time.

My favorite part of CNU dining is the weekly specials. However, they are my most difficult day sometimes because I have to make some of the hardest decisions of my life (choosing CNU was a super-fast and easy decision). Wednesdays are literally my favorite day of the week. I wake up in an extremely good mood and get dressed up super cute because it is Wing Wednesday. The conflict arises from there, because it is also Buffalo Chicken Wrap Wednesday.

During lunch time, the newer dining hall, Regatta’s, transforms into that great place to get wings. There are normally three different sauce choices each week, along with a side of fries, curly or waffle or normal, and ranch or blue cheese. On the other side of campus, another dining hall known as The Commons, transforms into your favorite sub shop. The dining hall workers wait behind the glass as you pick and choose your toppings and sauces for your buffalo chicken wrap. Since I can’t be at two places at one time, I struggle every week trying to decide whether I want all-you-can-eat wings for lunch or one of the huge buffalo chicken wraps (they’re all-you-can-eat as well, but they are so big that I can barely finish one).

Despite the problem of making a decision between Wing Wednesday and Buffalo Chicken Wrap Wednesday, dining at CNU is great. Instead of hating school food and having to go spend my own money on fast food just to get a decent meal, my school provides me with quality meals, where I can taste the love in every bite. Also, there’s always more than enough food, which I always seem to be surprised by because Wednesdays are like holidays here for everyone.

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