7 Quirky Things CNU Students Do

Every university has things that make it special, unique, and quirky. Christopher Newport is no exception. Here are a few things that CNU students do that make us different from other Virginia college students:

1) We pretend that the Secret Garden is actually a secret, when it’s not.

In Christopher Newport’s amazing performing arts center, the Ferguson Center for the Arts, one will find a strangely placed garden in between practice rooms and offices. Originally an abandoned courtyard, one of TheaterCNU‘s own professors decided to take the time to restore the courtyard and transform it into a getaway for students and faculty. The garden has been dubbed the “Secret Garden” by students, because of its odd location and mystical feel. However, this getaway is no secret at all, and its completely visible from the glass door you use to walk in. In all honesty, its pretty cool to say you have a secret garden on campus!

2) His name is P-Tribs, not Paul Trible.

President Paul Trible is loved on campus, so much that we’ve given him the nickname P-Tribs. It’s even on his license plate! While some people may think that calling a former U.S. senator by such a nickname is weird, he loves it, too! President Trible isn’t an ordinary president. In fact, he’s probably met every single student at Christopher Newport University at least once. During freshman year, students in the President’s Leadership Program are invited to his home (which is gorgeous, fun fact) to enjoy desserts and sometimes get a selfie with him and Rosemary (his wife). Love you #P-Tribs!

3) Tight-Ropers and Hammockers, oh my!

Hammocking has definitely become a huge fad on college campuses everywhere, but CNU’s taken it a step further. Now, we have tight-rope walkers! You may be on your way back from class and notice a weird string hanging from one tree to another and wonder what it is. Well, it’s a tight rope! Next time you’re on campus and it’s a warm day, take a look around to see what kind of activities Captains are doing outside. It’s definitely worth being on your Snapstory.

4) DO NOT step on the circle outside of Santoro.

If you intend on graduating on time, stay away from the decorative circle in the pavement right outside Santoro Hall, one of the residence halls. The myth goes that if you step in the circle, you won’t graduate on time. Whether it’s graduating early or late, no one knows – but do you really want to take the chance? Avoid at all costs!

5) We play music in the Whisper Wall.

CNU is always growing, and creating new traditions. One of the newest additions to campus is the Bell Tower Plaza, featuring the bell tower and a semi-circular seating area that features the names of honored CNU faculty and staff in the walls. Students have nicknamed this the Whisper Wall because of the way it conducts acoustics, and it’s a very popular location for the musicians in the CNU community. The semi-enclosed space allows for great sound production, and its also a sweet place for a photo-op!

6) Einstein’s milkshakes for days … even in 30-degree weather.

Einstein’s Cafe is located in the Paul and Rosemary Trible Library, another outstanding piece of architecture that sits on CNU’s campus. Einstein’s serves Starbucks drinks, but also features other food items and drinks. Its milkshakes, by far, are the most praised item on their menu. Just because it’s snowing outside does not mean someone isn’t in the Library sipping on a chocolate milkshake. It’s an obsession, and we’d probably riot if they discontinued them at Einstein’s.

7) Let me hold that door open for you, all the time.

Sometimes we’re called a community of door holders, and for good reason. No matter how far you are from the door, odds are someone will be holding it open for you. CNU students earn an A in politeness on campus, and usually that habit follows them once they’ve graduated!

For these reasons and more, CNU is a unique setting to spend four years learning! Our campus is filled with traditions and strong sense of community (and a love of hammocking while sipping on something sweet from Einstein’s).


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