Pre-Fall General Auditions

You would think after closing one show you would have the rest of the semester to catch up on work and get yourself together to finish out the end of the semester strong … but if you happen to be a theater major, that may not always be the case! 

Just two days after the closing of TheaterCNU’s production of “Tartuffe,” we were auditioning for fall shows. The reason we do this is so that anyone who gets cast in a part for a fall show can have the summer to get familiar with the show and their lines. Also so that  sophomores can go through checkpoint auditions. Since you don’t have to audition to be a theater major, the faculty likes to make sure everyone is doing what they should and are progressing in their work. While this could add a little extra pressure to sophomores, these checkpoint auditions are usually very helpful. Since I’m currently in my first semester as a senior I didn’t have to take part in sophomore checkpoint, but I did have to audition like everyone else.

As a senior, I do have to start getting myself prepared for my senior auditions and my senior thesis project. While these things can overwhelm you, it’s nice to know that I have the summer to get ready for my last semester here at CNU. It’s hard to believe that I only have one more to go, because it felts like I just arrived. As I wait with the rest of the department to find out the results of the fall general cast lists, I am going to try to tackle projects, journals and papers that are due fairly soon. I’m having trouble processing the fact that this semester is coming to a close so quickly, but I know that this was a great semester and I’m so proud of all the seniors graduating.


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