Your Honor

Here at CNU, we practice lives of significance. This translates to many arenas like leading well, being diligent scholars and serving others. In addition to these, Captains also learn how to live honorably.

Honor is one of those topics that’s easy to recognize, but difficult to define. What exactly is ‘honorable’? Is it not cheating on tests? Is it holding the door open for those walking behind you? Is it choosing to take the high road – whatever that may mean – instead of the easy way out?

I believe honor is all those things, but it’s also more. Yes, Captains actively honor others in all those ways, but they also honor and take care of themselves. Living honorably means making the best decisions, prioritizing time so that the most important things stay the most important things, and actively living out kindness and honesty each day. When you think about it, honor really encompasses leadership, scholarship and service. Honor is the lens through which we see all of those other Captain-qualities more clearly.

Respect yourself and respect others. Step out in honor today.

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