Leadership Exemplified

Ah, leadership.

That word rings true on this campus, because everywhere you look you see a different student leader, whether it be a Greek life president, a student worker, a member of honor council or a resident assistant (RA).

I am luckily surrounded by leaders.

My best friend is the definition of a CNU leader. She is the president of Honor Council, a student director, a sister of Greek life, a successful student and a friend. She fully gives of herself and her timeĀ for the betterment of our community and because leadership is where she belongs. She is a natural, driven leader who does nothing but improve our school.

My staff of RAs are all leaders. They dabble in various organizations on campus, whether it be honor societies or Greek organizations, on-campus jobs or a cappella groups. They are the cream of the crop when it comes to CNU students and on top of that, they are RAs.

My sorority is full of leaders. It is full of RAs, student workers, presidents and vice presidents of various organizations. Of religious group leaders, of musical group leaders and of honor society members.

These people push me to be a better leader.

Whether I have a position that is large or small, it is important to exemplify leadership on our campus.

Because leadership provides change.

My RA job may not be the biggest leadership position, but it allows me to plan some events or have some conversations that may impact someone.

CNU has pushed me to grow outside my comfort zone.

While I thought I knew and was a leader in high school, the people of CNU completely changed my perspective.

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