Finals are coming …

The end of the semester is quickly approaching. If you’re like me, you probably can hardly wait! The weather is starting to get warmer, and you’re waking up to sunshine cutting through your window. But there is one little thing keeping you from embracing summertime: school.

Maybe you have been coasting through the semester or you diligently spend every day in the library but now your mental gas tank is on “E”. The papers are piling up and you don’t know how you’re going to survive finals. Well, just know you aren’t the only one!

But how are you going to do it? I have put together some tips to help you rock your finals and cross the finish line!!


Tip #1: Relax

OK, you probably think I have lost all credibility at this point, because how can you ever relax with all of this work looming over your head? The point is to actually be able to do the work and the only way you will be able to do that is if you have a clear mind and focus. So take some time (watching a movie, going to the beach) to really relax!


Tip #2: Visualize?

Now, I don’t mean you should actually imagine yourself writing that 20-page paper, but to SEE what you have to do. I am all about sticky notes and notepads and it is helpful to detail out what exactly you have to do and the order you need to do it.


Tip #3: Ready…Set…GO!

Ok, you’ve given yourself a well-deserved break. Then you prioritized for the remaining weeks of school. Now what? Get to it! You have all of the tools you need to finish up the school year strong. Utilize your professors, the library and the tutoring center to get you on your way.


Finals are hard, but hopefully with these tips you will stress less and see great results!!

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