CNU When the Sun is Out

It’s a whole ‘nother world.

The sun has come out.

No more snow, no rain, and weather that’s comfortable enough to wear a jacket and be a little toasty, or a T-shirt and be perfectly comfortable.

I don’t think it’s possible to love my school any more than when the weather is nice.

The Great Lawn is CROWDED with people, some sunbathing, some dancing, and some just enjoying time with friends.

The best part is … the puppies!

People from off campus come to the Great Lawn and bring their puppies with them and that just makes the day that much better.

It is such a beautiful representation of the community our school is … so diverse, but also so interconnected.

I love seeing all the different groups of friends out on the lawn, some intermingling, and just enjoying time away from studies to really take in our beautiful campus on a beautiful day.

Fingers crossed, this happens more often!

It’s also led me to be able to start venturing off campus, whether it be to the lion’s gate bridge or to Pelican’s sno-balls for a mid-day snow cone.

CNU is beautiful all the time, but feels more like home especially when the sun is out.

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