Pre-Fall General Auditions

You would think after closing one show you would have the rest of the semester to catch up on work and get yourself together to finish out the end of the semester strong … but if you happen to be a theater major, that may not always be the case! 

Just two days after the closing of TheaterCNU’s production of “Tartuffe,” we were auditioning for fall shows. The reason we do this is so that anyone who gets cast in a part for a fall show can have the summer to get familiar with the show and their lines. Also so that  sophomores can go through checkpoint auditions. Since you don’t have to audition to be a theater major, the faculty likes to make sure everyone is doing what they should and are progressing in their work. While this could add a little extra pressure to sophomores, these checkpoint auditions are usually very helpful. Since I’m currently in my first semester as a senior I didn’t have to take part in sophomore checkpoint, but I did have to audition like everyone else.

As a senior, I do have to start getting myself prepared for my senior auditions and my senior thesis project. While these things can overwhelm you, it’s nice to know that I have the summer to get ready for my last semester here at CNU. It’s hard to believe that I only have one more to go, because it felts like I just arrived. As I wait with the rest of the department to find out the results of the fall general cast lists, I am going to try to tackle projects, journals and papers that are due fairly soon. I’m having trouble processing the fact that this semester is coming to a close so quickly, but I know that this was a great semester and I’m so proud of all the seniors graduating.


My Semester in the Costume Shop

This semester I got to work in the Theater Department’s costume shop. It is run by Professor Kathy Jaremski and is supervised by Sarah Conte. It has been a great experience getting to work in the costume shop and helping make the costumes for this semester’s productions. Having taken the costume design class last semester, I learned a lot that allowed me to actually help make the costumes this semester. As a theater major, we all have to work backstage for a number of productions and I was allowed to work on costume construction – I even got to make a costume piece from start to finish myself.

The department puts on two shows every semester and we usually have one show where we make more of the costumes and one where we buy more of the pieces. The two shows done this semester were the musical “Into the Woods” and a modern adaptation of the play “Tartuffe,” which I was in. For “Into the Woods,” I got to make an apron for the baker’s wife character. In order to make this piece of clothing, I had to first make a pattern for the apron using the actor’s measurements. I used the instructions for making a body block to construct this pattern. (A body block is a basic design that you add your design elements to it and then transfer it to the original pattern so you can start making the garment.) Since the fabric was plaid, I had to make sure to match all the lines together before I could cut it. Then, I sewed the apron together and added buttons and button holes and finished it off to make it look all nice and ready for use.

Along with making the apron, I got to do a lot in the costume shop. Being an attendant there allowed me to help the costume design students with projects when I could and I altered/tailored a lot of costumes to fit actors for “Tartuffe” since all of the costumes were purchased from different places. I really enjoyed such a hands-on job, and I loved seeing my creations on stage!


Leadership Exemplified

Ah, leadership.

That word rings true on this campus, because everywhere you look you see a different student leader, whether it be a Greek life president, a student worker, a member of honor council or a resident assistant (RA).

I am luckily surrounded by leaders.

My best friend is the definition of a CNU leader. She is the president of Honor Council, a student director, a sister of Greek life, a successful student and a friend. She fully gives of herself and her time for the betterment of our community and because leadership is where she belongs. She is a natural, driven leader who does nothing but improve our school.

My staff of RAs are all leaders. They dabble in various organizations on campus, whether it be honor societies or Greek organizations, on-campus jobs or a cappella groups. They are the cream of the crop when it comes to CNU students and on top of that, they are RAs.

My sorority is full of leaders. It is full of RAs, student workers, presidents and vice presidents of various organizations. Of religious group leaders, of musical group leaders and of honor society members.

These people push me to be a better leader.

Whether I have a position that is large or small, it is important to exemplify leadership on our campus.

Because leadership provides change.

My RA job may not be the biggest leadership position, but it allows me to plan some events or have some conversations that may impact someone.

CNU has pushed me to grow outside my comfort zone.

While I thought I knew and was a leader in high school, the people of CNU completely changed my perspective.

A Tale of Seven Cities

It’s great to spend weekends on campus: going to athletic events, watching movies with friends or hanging out at fun activities sponsored by CAB, our campus activity board. But, it can be just as relaxing to leave campus for a few days to explore the surrounding Hampton Roads area.

This past weekend, some friends and I went camping in Chesapeake. Only about 45 minutes away (if you miss the tunnel traffic), we found a wooded, secluded paradise full of canoeing, stargazing, and not thinking one bit about homework or deadlines. If you’re not so much of a camping person, perhaps one of the numerous beaches located within an hour’s drive would be worth your time. Or, you could trek out to historic Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown or the weekly Farmer’s Market on Main Street in Smithfield.

Throughout our school year, numerous festivals happen all across the 757 – from the Greek Festival of Newport News to the Poquoson Seafood Festival. There is a little something for everyone! Whether you’re picnicking on the Great Lawn or headed back from a great mini-vacation, take time to appreciate what Hampton Roads has to offer!

Finals are coming …

The end of the semester is quickly approaching. If you’re like me, you probably can hardly wait! The weather is starting to get warmer, and you’re waking up to sunshine cutting through your window. But there is one little thing keeping you from embracing summertime: school.

Maybe you have been coasting through the semester or you diligently spend every day in the library but now your mental gas tank is on “E”. The papers are piling up and you don’t know how you’re going to survive finals. Well, just know you aren’t the only one!

But how are you going to do it? I have put together some tips to help you rock your finals and cross the finish line!!


Tip #1: Relax

OK, you probably think I have lost all credibility at this point, because how can you ever relax with all of this work looming over your head? The point is to actually be able to do the work and the only way you will be able to do that is if you have a clear mind and focus. So take some time (watching a movie, going to the beach) to really relax!


Tip #2: Visualize?

Now, I don’t mean you should actually imagine yourself writing that 20-page paper, but to SEE what you have to do. I am all about sticky notes and notepads and it is helpful to detail out what exactly you have to do and the order you need to do it.


Tip #3: Ready…Set…GO!

Ok, you’ve given yourself a well-deserved break. Then you prioritized for the remaining weeks of school. Now what? Get to it! You have all of the tools you need to finish up the school year strong. Utilize your professors, the library and the tutoring center to get you on your way.


Finals are hard, but hopefully with these tips you will stress less and see great results!!

CNU When the Sun is Out

It’s a whole ‘nother world.

The sun has come out.

No more snow, no rain, and weather that’s comfortable enough to wear a jacket and be a little toasty, or a T-shirt and be perfectly comfortable.

I don’t think it’s possible to love my school any more than when the weather is nice.

The Great Lawn is CROWDED with people, some sunbathing, some dancing, and some just enjoying time with friends.

The best part is … the puppies!

People from off campus come to the Great Lawn and bring their puppies with them and that just makes the day that much better.

It is such a beautiful representation of the community our school is … so diverse, but also so interconnected.

I love seeing all the different groups of friends out on the lawn, some intermingling, and just enjoying time away from studies to really take in our beautiful campus on a beautiful day.

Fingers crossed, this happens more often!

It’s also led me to be able to start venturing off campus, whether it be to the lion’s gate bridge or to Pelican’s sno-balls for a mid-day snow cone.

CNU is beautiful all the time, but feels more like home especially when the sun is out.

Your Honor

Here at CNU, we practice lives of significance. This translates to many arenas like leading well, being diligent scholars and serving others. In addition to these, Captains also learn how to live honorably.

Honor is one of those topics that’s easy to recognize, but difficult to define. What exactly is ‘honorable’? Is it not cheating on tests? Is it holding the door open for those walking behind you? Is it choosing to take the high road – whatever that may mean – instead of the easy way out?

I believe honor is all those things, but it’s also more. Yes, Captains actively honor others in all those ways, but they also honor and take care of themselves. Living honorably means making the best decisions, prioritizing time so that the most important things stay the most important things, and actively living out kindness and honesty each day. When you think about it, honor really encompasses leadership, scholarship and service. Honor is the lens through which we see all of those other Captain-qualities more clearly.

Respect yourself and respect others. Step out in honor today.