Saying “Thank You”

Each day, we as CNU students come in contact with so many people.

Students, roommates, friends, professors, dining hall staff, maintenance staff and custodial staff.

We often say hello to our friends and roommates, greet our professors upon entering, but do we really say “thank you” to those who look out for our safety, health, stomachs and campus?

The staff at CNU (including dining hall, maintenance and custodial) are the friendliest I’ve ever encountered.

They are always there early – before we are.

My Greek organization decided to write these staff members that usually go unnoticed thank-you notes. These notes are small and simple, but can make all the difference in how our CNU staff members perceive us. We should all show them that we are thankful for their hard work, long hours and exceptional attitudes.

This group of people has never failed to greet me with a smile, and they look after us!

They keep our buildings clean and safe. They keep our campus beautiful. They keep our bellies full.

Why wouldn’t we want to thank them?

Next time you’re walking around campus, challenge yourself to say hello and genuinely thank each of them for all they do for us students.

CNU is a special place, but it’s not just the campus that makes it special.

It’s the people.

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