I’ve Got Friends in High Places

In high school, I had friendships with several of my teachers; they knew me well enough to write recommendation letters for my college applications, nominate me for scholarships and mentor me in the classroom. Coming into college, I didn’t think I’d be able to find that same teacher/student relationship. Aren’t classes supposed to be bigger and professors more stand-offish and lofty in college? I was worried I’d never be more than simply a name on the roll sheet.

Thankfully, that has not been my experience here. Almost all of my classes have been about the same size (or smaller!) than the classes I took in high school. And, even in my larger classes, my professors still learned my name and face in just a couple weeks. In fact, sometimes on campus I run into professors from several semesters ago who still remember me!

Last month, I applied to CNU’s Master of Arts in Teaching Program. To finish my application, I needed to turn in two recommendation letters from educational professionals. Thanks to the teacher/student relationships I’ve been building here ever since freshman year, it was no trouble at all to have some of my favorite professors write a recommendation for me. The dedicated, authentic, personable faculty is one of my favorite things about Christopher Newport!

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