Build It On Up

I love CNU, and I love our beautiful campus buildings. However, I’m not a huge fan of the construction process that makes all those building possible. Ever since I arrived in the fall of 2012, CNU has been two things: gorgeous, and filled with construction.

As I head into my senior year, I’m looking forward to seeing Christopher Newport Hall completed so that my walkways from East Campus to main campus will be clear and dust-free once again. I also just can’t wait to have Newport Hall open! It’ll be awesome to have the offices back in the center of campus – so many times I’ve needed a copy of my transcript or to talk with housing about retaining my apartment and have forgotten where exactly their temporary office is. And, Newport Hall will be a sweet backdrop for graduation pictures and selfies on the Great Lawn; I’m always looking for a new photo-op!

Though construction may not be my favorite happening on campus, I can appreciate seeing all the progress made. Our campus has made great strides in just the past two-and-a-half years, and I know it will continue to thrive.

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