Best of Both Worlds

Let me give it to you straight: it’s tough coming back from an awesome spring break (plus some snow days) and diving back into assignments, tests and projects. Also, knowing the semester’s end is rapidly approaching does not help my mind focus too well on the task at hand: finishing up junior year!

My break was one of the best yet during my time at CNU; some friends and I traveled to Philadelphia to serve with students from Pennsylvania on a week-long missions trip. We helped with some construction, worked with a drug rehabilitation center, met a lot of new friends, saw the Liberty Bell and (of course) ate a couple of cheese steaks!

But now, I’m back in the good old Newport News until our semester ends. I’m back to that 3,500 word English assignment due Thursday, the sociology group PowerPoint, and the geography quiz on the Canadian provinces. And, I’m also back to my wonderful roommates, my campus activities, trivia nights and the Mongolian grill at Regatta’s.

My time in Philly was eye-opening and so, so sweet. My home at CNU is welcoming and filled with people and classes I love. I’ve got the best of both worlds [imagine me humming the Hannah Montana song while skipping through the Great Lawn]!

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