A Recipe for Success

One of my favorite things about being an upperclassman is living in housing (like CNU Village) with a full kitchen in my suite! Seriously, my freshman year diet consisted of dining hall food and canned tuna from my dorm room. Not much variety, if you ask me. Sophomore year I lived in Warwick River Hall and enjoyed having a communal kitchen at the end of my hall. But, there wasn’t room to leave many of my kitchen supplies in there, and it was a bit of a hassle to lug all my ingredients, a mixing bowl, wax paper, etc., to and from my suite.

Spotlight on junior year: I now live in an apartment style suite with a REAL kitchen (plus, my own bedroom and bathroom!). I’ve been able to make real dinners this year! Dishes that require a stove top or oven to cook are suddenly within reach; Taco Night in my room is always a big success.

CNU’s campus has felt more and more like a home-away-from-home each year I’ve studied here. And, now that I can wake up on a Saturday and make pancakes and bacon in the comfort of my room, I enjoy life as a Captain so much more.

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