The Unspoken Honor Code

So you’re in the library, studying. Or socializing.

You realize its almost 7 p.m., you haven’t eaten, so you start to make your way to the dining hall.

Will you take all of your stuff? Pack up from your cozy library cubby just to lug it all to the dining hall and then BACK to the library?

No, you go to CNU.

CNU has an unspoken honor code.

Well, of course we all sign the actual honor code, which this kind of works into.

But the unspoken CNU honor code is this: you can leave your stuff pretty much anywhere and pretty much rest peacefully knowing it will be there when you return.

I’ve had friends who have left wallets by accident, I’ve accidentally (and purposefully) left my phone or laptop on a table, and with no worries in the world. Or the infamous ID loss. Where you realize that if someone doesn’t turn it in, you’re going to have to pay for a new one. And then you can remind yourself you go to CNU where someone will turn it in.

Because CNU students have this sort of unspoken honor code, we don’t touch anything that isn’t ours. We look out for each other.

It’s a pretty routine habit for me now to not worry about leaving things, which kind of scares me when I think about entering the real world where everyone isn’t on this same honor code system.

But until then, about that dinner…

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