Semester Survival Guide

If you’re like me and your semester is already spinning at full speed, allow me to share some (hopefully) wise advice. Let’s check it out!

1. Get organized. Maybe you like Lilly planners, maybe your desk is covered in sticky notes – whatever the case, find a way to plan out what you need to do with your week. Then, after you do something, cross it off your list and revel in the victory of accomplishment!

2. Don’t forget to exercise. Since the roads around CNU are so flat and relatively not traffic-y, I run for exercise. If running’s not your thing, find another way to keep your body moving: an intramural sport, a fitness class at the Trieshmann Health and Fitness Pavilion (CNU’s gym!), or choose to take the stairs more often.

3. Sleep, sleep, sleep. It’s recommended that we young people get a lot more sleep than is actually possible considering our busy schedules, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay up until 4 a.m. every night watching Netflix. Know yourself – if you can’t function on less than six hours of sleep, make sure you get yourself to bed at a decent time! Also, naps are always a great option.

4. Laugh often. Circumstances might get hectic, but they don’t have to determine your attitude. Choose to face this semester with a smile. (Cheesy, I know. But, getting the right mindset will alter how your time at school goes.)

Enjoy, friends!

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