Nowhere Near Normal School Work

As freshmen typically do, I began at CNU with no real idea of what I wanted to do or major in. The most popular choice among the guys in my class was business, so I began taking classes connected with a business major. I began regretting my decision more and more as classes such as economics and accounting popped up on my schedule. I continued questioning myself until that fateful day was thrust upon all the sophomores of CNU. Signing Day, the day you officially declare your major. I was in a single art class that semester and it seemed to be going fairly well. So, having no other ideas of what to do, I became a studio art major. While this is probably not the ideal way to choose the subject you will be studying during your college career, it has somehow worked for me. My classes drastically changed from listening to long lectures, to painting and sculpting. Although the lengths of my classes have dramatically increased, the work was enjoyable and allows for the time to pass quickly.  Even though landing on my major was mostly a forced decision, it has been a welcomed change from the monotony of what I call, “normal school work.”


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