Life Lessons and Fruit Punch

Some days are good days, and others are spill-your-fruit-punch-while-rushing-to-class days. When you wake up in the morning, there’s not really a way of telling which (if either) your day is going to be. But, just like in this unfortunate picture, there is always an upside.

I noticed the drink spill sometime this morning as I left my apartment for class. Immediately, I sympathized with whoever was unlucky enough to lose most of his or her fruit punch at once. What a shame, I thought. I bet they were looking forward to that. As I looked closer (of course because I gladly welcome any and all distractions from venturing out into the cold/another school day), I noticed a heart-shaped hole in the middle of the splatter.

Remember, Captains: life is a sticky, messy thing, and even the best plans can go awry. However, by stepping back and getting a fresh perspective on your situation, you may find it’s not as hopeless as it seemed at first.

And, sometimes, you just have to laugh.

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