Consider Yourself VolunTOLD!

Volunteering in my community was definitely something I imagined I’d be doing once I got to college, but I had no idea how important to me it would become. Since I’m working towards graduating with a teaching degree, it made the most sense to me to spend my volunteer hours for the President’s Leadership Program in elementary school classrooms.

Over my roughly two-and-a-half years here, I’ve been able to help in three of Newport News’ public schools – reading with first graders, grading, stapling or trimming papers, organizing books, and getting to laugh with some of the sweetest kids. Plus, I’ve gotten a better picture of what it takes to be an elementary school teacher who knows how to encourage and connect with her (or his!) students.

Even though my volunteering felt like a mandatory chore at first, it quickly became one of the highlights of my week. Giving my time and energy to some of the local elementary schools has shown me how powerful service is; I’m truly grateful CNU gave me the push to discover how and where I serve best!

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