Be Mine?

I can’t believe February has arrived and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! If you are like me and are solo this V-Day, you may feel like there isn’t much for you to do – but there is. Valentine’s Day can be fun even if you don’t have a significant other.

A perfect way to embrace your “single-ness” is to get together with a group of your single friends. Dress up and go out to a fancy restaurant or rent some of your favorite movies, order a large pizza and start scooping out the ice cream. You can watch overly dramatic rom-coms or even a scary thriller. The best part of not having a date on Valentine’s Day is that there are no expectations – do whatever YOU want to do.

Maybe you would prefer to not go out and experience the mushiness of people falling in love. (I would honestly choose this option because I have a serious relationship with my bed…) Another alternative is to spend the night in. Take a warm bubble bath, play your favorite music and celebrate your AWESOMENESS. My favorite thing to do is to get in some comfortable clothes, lay in bed and binge-watch Netflix … not much different from the night I had last night (oops!). Pull out your favorite tub of Ben and Jerry’s from the freezer, grab a giant spoon and let the night fade away as you are immersed in the world of your favorite TV characters.

Whatever you decide to do on Valentine’s Day, remember to just have fun! Being single is not a curse, it’s a blessing – no one is there to judge how much chocolate you eat!

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