An Unfortunate Bet

Watching the sunset is a weekly if not nightly ritual for my friends and me. However, as we pulled up to the little beach by the river on this particular night, I felt sorry for Litt. It was freezing out today and the breeze was most unwelcome to our shivering bodies. A few days earlier in the same spot, Litt and his brother had made a bet while throwing some rocks at a drainage pipe. They bet that if one of them threw a rock inside the pipe, the other would have to swim in the frigid river. At this point neither of them had come close to getting it so they both were feeling pretty safe as they selected a rock to begin the bet. Parker, Litt’s brother, threw the first one. We all watched as it flew through the air toward the pipe and were silent as it sailed straight inside. We were all stunned. Litt was just plain angry as he tried to process what had happened. He took this loss like a champ, though, and dove on in.

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