What ‘Going Greek’ Means to Me

What an exciting two weeks for Greek life here at CNU!

Last week began and concluded sorority formal recruitment, and this week and next we have fraternity recruitment.

It is such an exciting opportunity on our campus to get involved with Greek life and see what positive things it has to offer aside from the stereotypes and myths we all have heard.

I luckily am able to speak about this from a personal (and fantastic) experience! I am a sister of Phi Mu here at CNU, and had the opportunity to serve as a recruitment counselor this past week. I worked with a group of about 30 women going through recruitment and did what I could to help them through the weekend and to help them realize which organization they would find their home in. During this time, I was completely disaffiliated from my organization in order to remain unbiased. While this was extremely rewarding on the potential new member side, it also proved to me how much my organization, and Greek life in general, has meant to me.

Greek life at CNU Is a whole different ball game than what we witness in the media. Greek life here has meaning, and places value in each and every member. These men and women are looking for an organization to better themselves, to challenge them and to make a difference on campus.

That in itself is enough of a reason to be excited about Greek life and how it is constantly growing and constantly being sought out by passionate students looking for a different kind of involvement. Working with women from all different organizations really proved to me how cohesive our Greek community is. While we all may have our different, organization-specific values and bonds, we all come together under the same roof to work towards the same goals of philanthropy, sisterhood or brotherhood, and campus involvement.

While they are definitely not the only ones on campus, members of our Greek community are student workers, volunteers, RAs, student directors, crew leaders, athletes – the list goes on and on. Being a part of such a special Greek community is not only a choice, but a privilege that should not be taken lightly.

We are here to be the change on how others perceive Greek life.

We are here to make a difference on our campus.

We are here to be better versions of ourselves.

So, welcome to Greek life to all the new members – may your experience be as positive and rewarding as mine!

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