Take Me to Your Leader

Leadership can be a tricky concept to define. It’s relatively easy to notice in those around you, but what exactly are you noticing? Are there physical characteristics or social qualities that automatically make someone a leader?

I was accepted into the President’s Leadership Program (PLP) before entering CNU. To be honest, I had a pretty strong pre-conceived notion of what made a leader and what didn’t. Sure, I had held leadership positions in high school, but I wasn’t loud or extremely outgoing. I wondered if PLP was a place where my type of leadership would be recognized.

After being in PLP for over two years, I can say I’ve had the chance to meet fellow students with every leadership type you could imagine. Servant leaders, charismatic leaders, follower-oriented leaders. And, I’ve seen them reach out to our campus to engage it wherever their leadership best fits. I’m a relational leader, so I’ve enjoyed co-leading a small group for a campus ministry; friends of mine have seen success as orientation leaders and Summer Leadership Adventure Program facilitators, E-board members of their Greek organizations, and captains of their intramural sports teams.

At CNU, there’s a place for all forms of leadership. I found mine, and I get the opportunity to see others discover theirs each day.

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