Spring Service

Coming back to school, after three weeks away can take a little while to adjust back. The air is still frigid and the dread for the new classes to begin is stirring. New classes mean black-stained cups that are filled to the brim with coffee, bags under the eyes from sleepless nights of studying and of course the realization that we have to form a new routine when we just got used to the previous one. Although there are some negatives to starting a new semester, we must not forget all the fun that is coming our way. Soon the wind will warm and the trees will bloom and the Great Lawn will fill with blankets and corn hole boards. The realization that the beach will be warm enough to visit and the satisfaction of getting used to your new schedule is exciting. The spring semester brings hope of new adventures and the opportunity to learn more.

One of the things that everyone has in common in the spring is the drive for service. The spring is filled with philanthropic events through Greek life, athletics and clubs. The overwhelming amount of service that is seen on the CNU campus is beautiful and rewarding for the entire campus. Every week, I walk through the DSU breezeway and I’m handed a flyer for another event to raise money for a cause. It makes me incredibly proud to be a Captain, that our school as a whole is so focused on making a positive change. Having the support of the entire campus is crucial when putting on these events because there needs to be a large attendance at each event. The events range from pageants, to dance competitions, to canned food drives and even to donating dresses. I am proud to say that CNU is not only leading change in the community but to one another by continuing to support each other’s causes.





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