For a Dreary Day


That’s been one of the key lessons I’ve learned so far in college: things won’t always go as planned, but it’s necessary to roll with the punches. I suppose all of life could fall under that advice, but I think it’s especially pertinent to college students.

What did I do today when my plans for lunch fell through? I decided to work my way through the Trible Library, making conversation with all the friends I could find. In Einstein’s alone, I chatted with old friends from high school and a new friend I met literally earlier this week. And, I sat for awhile at the IT services desk – not because my computer’s Wi-Fi needed fixing – but because the students working happened to both be close friends of mine.

There are days when nothing happens as it’s supposed to. But, those times can still be memorable. Make the most of the opportunities before you, and be flexible. You won’t regret it!

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