Coffee Adventures

Try something new this week!

That’s a bit of a vague statement, isn’t it? Where would you even start on a campus with such a wide variety of activities and niches as ours? What if you’re a junior like me, and you’re already comfortable with how your life runs?

Here’s my personal example: This past week, I got a “real” coffee from Einstein’s, the little coffee and snack shop in our library. I know that doesn’t seem like much of an excursion, but hear me out. I truly dislike all hot beverages, and coffee – while it smells wonderful – does not taste good to me. What kind of college student doesn’t like coffee? This one.

But, the other day, I was encouraged by a friend to branch out and try what she called a “cafe mocha.” I have no idea what was in it, but I repeated those exact words to the barista and smiled confidently. AND, it was actually good. I enjoyed it (though I burned my tongue at the first sip).

So, this is me encouraging you to try something you thought you’d never like. Who knows, your tastes just may change!

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