A [Future] Teacher’s Life for Me

WOW! Welcome to 2015 and a brand new semester. After a much-needed break, time with family and friends, and as much sleep¬†as can be squeezed into four weeks, I think I’m ready to conquer the rest of my junior year.

And, this semester is already tons better than the fall! For one thing, I’m inching closer to my dream of becoming an elementary school teacher. I’m waist-deep into my application to CNU’s Master of Arts in Teaching¬†Program; in a little over a month, I’ll be officially on my way to learning how to teach! This semester, I’ve spread myself over three schools in the Newport News Public School System; I’ve already had opportunities to volunteer in classrooms of four year-olds, first, and third-graders! How cool is that?!

Thinking back on my freshman year, I had no idea I’d be able to be working in a classroom as an undergrad. I’m not even in the teaching program yet, and I’ve already been able to take courses geared toward educational psychology, child development, and education and culture. And, since I’ve been volunteering in a couple of schools for over two years now, I am really excited to start focusing more and more on that graduate teaching degree.

Oh, and my bachelor’s. I still have to think about that, too.

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