We’ve Got History

Let me tell you about the biggest surprise of my semester.

Well, it’s not the biggest … but it was pretty surprising.

Also, let me preface this story with some personal background: History is one of those subjects I can take or leave. It’s never been my favorite thing to study, but it’s also never been something I run screaming from when class registration rolls around. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the colonial things to do around Williamsburg, but “exciting” historical events don’t always make an exciting transfer into the classroom. To prove that point, I had to take an ancient history course last semester … let’s just say I mastered the art of falling asleep sitting up (oops).

So, the surprise. This semester, I had to take an American history course to count toward the Master of Arts in Teaching Program. I was expecting another sleeper; I mean, come on, EVERYONE knows all there is to know about American history, right?


My professor has been phenomenal about making stories from the early era of our nation come alive. She teaches lessons like she knows all the historical figures personally, like she just had coffee with Andrew Jackson yesterday. Plus, there are so many details I missed about America’s history in my previous classes; sure, we’ve all learned about the Louisiana Purchase, but did you know that France sold that land to America even though we had just refused to help out with their revolution? My professor does a fantastic job keeping our class involved with each lecture; she’s constantly asking us for our input and getting us to think about the bigger pictures these historical events helped create.

History may not be your thing. But, a great professor can change your perspective on an area of study. Take it from me, a reformed history buff – the right professor can make all the difference.

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