Out of the Old Comfort Zone

As a college junior, I’ve found it’s never too late to reinvent yourself.

There are a few interests I’ve been pursuing on campus since the first week I arrived, but there are also some involvements that have taken time to cultivate. Laura Kate, you might ask, what does this even mean?

I’m glad you (hypothetically) asked!

I knew the summer before attending CNU I wanted to study English, work towards becoming an elementary school teacher and find a faith-based organization in which to serve. But, other than that, I had no idea what I was going to do with my time here. Freshman year, I took English courses and Master of Arts in Teaching  Program support courses and discovered I really did have a passion for those subjects. And, I joined Cru’s ministry, eventually becoming a small-group leader.

But, as sophomore year rolled around, I knew I wanted to involve myself just a little more on this gorgeous campus. I loved communicating through writing and wanted an outlet in which to express that. So, I took a step outside my comfort zone and applied for an on-campus blogging job (hey, that’s this job!). At the time, I had no idea how this job would stretch me and how I’d feel so much more connected to campus happenings.

In the later spring of sophomore year, a couple of friends and I decided to make a trivia team for the Office of Student Activities‘ Thursday Night Trivia. Once again, it was kind of a shout-into-the-void, let’s-see-where-this-goes thing, but it’s been one of the most fun activities to get involved with! Who knew that I would fall in love with game show-like trivia and that I’d soon be able to call teammates, friends.

So, this is all just a little push to encourage you to step out of your normal routine and try something new. If you know you’re good at a certain something, look for a job or a team where you can hone that capability. If you have the slightest interest in an area of study or cause, consider taking a class or joining an organization to see if that topic is something you’d want to devote more time to.

It’s OK to come to college with a set list of things you want and don’t want to get involved with. But, some of my best experiences at CNU thus far have come from quick decisions to step out of my comfort zone. Use your time here wisely and express yourself fully!

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