May the Registration Odds be in Your Favor…

Ah, registration.
One of the most dreaded times of the year.

The day where you wake up before the sun, sit up in bed and get ready to type in those class numbers when the Web page prompts you to do so.

The morning where your heart beats so fast as you watch the available class times drop, and the happiness you feel when it shows you’ve successfully enrolled in that PERFECT class you wanted.

The time when you get to actually evaluate what you want to study, and also get the freedom to decide when and with whom you’ll be taught.

Each semester, registration stresses me out a little less.

Maybe that’s just because I’m finally getting into my future a little more.

The only registration downfall I’ve hit is a long night class until 10:30 p.m. once a week. It was a great class but a horrible time.

I have (luckily) avoided taking any 8 a.m. classes, and I hope to continue that streak until graduation!

Anyways, when you start to move up the class ranks, it gets a little more stressful in other ways.

Instead of simply thinking about what classes will satisfy your liberal learning requirements, I now have to start thinking about what classes will actually benefit me in the long run.

I’ve never actually sat down and evaluated a course of action for the rest of my time here, but I also never knew how much I needed to do that.¬†Looking at the types of classes I had never considered, such as English classes and business classes and seeing how they would benefit me in the future actually made me really excited.

I decided to take on a second minor in civic engagement, since one day I hope to work in the nonprofit field, hopefully internationally (fingers crossed). Looking at the course catalog and seeing all of the different classes offered opened my eyes to the various majors, minors and opportunities here that I had not been aware of before.

Happy registration season, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

(and if they’re not, there’s always overrides!)

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