Greek Life is Service

Greek life can often get a bad reputation. Whether it be what you see in the media, someone who had a bad experience or your parents disapproving, it’s often hard to look past the bad rep that Greek life has.

While I will save all of the details on Greek life for future blog posts, I wanted to share a little about service.

When you sign up for Greek life, you sign up for service.

You take on the challenge of supporting your philanthropy; that can mean swinging in heat while giving out lemonade and popsicles for donations, living in cardboard boxes for a night to raise awareness about homelessness, or being in “jail” until you raise enough money to bail yourself out and raise funds for your cause.

All of these events above may sound strange to you, but they are ways different Greek organizations on our campus support their philanthropy, their community and their members.

I am extremely thankful for the opportunities for service I have been given through Greek life. They’re opportunities I may not have otherwise had, and opportunities that give me something to be passionate about during my time here.

Brotherhood or sisterhood means supporting your philanthropy, putting on events and sharing it with campus.

The coolest thing to me about all these service opportunities through Greek life is that it doesn’t just stop with your organization.

We as a Greek community have the ability and opportunity to serve others through our attendance, donations and support of other organization’s events.

Things like: buying a ticket to watch students perform stand-up comedy, lip sync to Miley Cyrus or get pied in the face support that service ideal.

Even indirectly, it all matters.

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